Zen and Orbital Series

Large Pendant: 40mm sterling silver case, crystal disc, 450-470mm string of semi-precious stones, silky or PVC cord.
Small Pendant: 25mm sterling silver case, crystal disc with 450mm PVC cord.
Earrings: 25mm sterling silver case, crystal disc, available in all designs.
NB: Variation in stones may occur due to availability. The stone colour will always be tonal to the actual artwork of the piece.

The Zen Series

Zen symbols are significant symbols of awareness and inspiration. The artist David King believes that whether the wearer selects love, happiness, success or any of the other beautiful designs, that these tokens of insight will "speak" to the wearer.

Cast in sterling silver from original art work each one is as meaningful and as individual as each person's own life journeys.

May the symbol you seek represent the philosophical and significant path that is right for you.

Artist David King classically trained to paint in oils in the late seventies in Melbourne.

Since then, David's love of art combined with extensive travel throughout Europe, Asia and America has encouraged him to diversify and experiment. He combines different mediums, both in a traditional and non-traditional manner.

In an ever-evolving portfolio, David's latest work centres around themes from the philosophy of Zen.

He uses mixed media including hand-made Japanese papers and acrylics to produce beautiful montage pieces.

David currently lives in Brisbane.

Zen Lady #1
Zen Lady #3
Zen Back B

Stones available: Red Sea Bamboo or Black Agate

With the Zen series there is the option to have two designs in a reversable pendant. More Zen designs

The Orbital Series

Commissioned exclusively for Mags Moon, the Orbital series features work from artist David King (see above).

"Chakra" is a Sanskrit word for wheel or vortex. Chakras are spinning wheels of spiritual energy corresponding with major nerves, glands and organs in the human body.

These artworks represent the traditional colours and patterns for each chakra.

Each of Selena's crystal balls has a secret message for you. Look inside...what do you see?

Anita is the creatrix of Goddess.com.au, and is a best-selling author and prolific columnist for United Press International. Her latest book is called Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras which is proving a hit with children, parents, teachers and caregivers.Available from Amazon.

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Chakra Goddess

Chakradance workshops

Blue Aventurine
Synthetic Turquoise
Solar Plexus
Yellow Jade
Sea Bamboo
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