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"Draw down the Moon with Stones of Light and beauty will shine for all to see" - Mags Moon                                                                      

After relocating from corporate Melbourne life to Sydney in 2003 Maryanne conceived and initiated Mags Moon in 2004. Mags Moon started as an idea, an idea in which Maryanne had a desire to share the contemporary art works of her friends with a greater community.

Maryanne's vision is to portray her artist friends' unique works as wearable art, and designed [925] sterling silver pendant and earring cases to encompass detailed miniature images of these beautiful works.

These images are portrayed in the following series: "Café"©, "Zen"©, "Orbital"© and "Atlantis"©..

The "Celestial"© and "Icon"© series are Mags Moons own designs and images.

Maryanne expanded the range with designs to evoke particular meaning, whether it be the "Sacred"© series or working with beautiful stones from the "Earth"© series, the designs combined with the esoteric, produce a unique product with meaning and energy.

Maryanne has participated at The MindBodySpirit festivals, and has had exhibitions at various galleries and expo's.

"It is from the inner 'you' where desire forms and creativity is fostered that confidence is borne"     
David King - Sacral Chakra text "Orbital"© series


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