Goddess Series

Kwan Yin Series

Pendant: Tibetan agates with designs burnt into the stone on two different shapes. Reversible [see pics]. The colouring of these stones is predominately brown with an occasional swirl of a lighter tone. As these designs are individually burnt, variation in the definition and colouring of the design will occur. All pieces are individual.
Size: Approximately 30.5mm deep and 20.5mm wide
Contour design: 520 - 530mm
Pillar design: 410 - 420mm
Sliding cord: Shortest 460 - 480mm and longest 640 - 660mm

Kwan Yin Legend
The legends of Kwan Yin are as enchanting and as magical as the Goddess herself. She is the Goddess of compassion and of mercy, protector of women and the embodiment of comfort, peace and tranquillity.

A universally loved deity Kwan Yin is revered by many cultures. Her spiritual beauty and gentleness may take many forms, most often she is depicted carrying "The pearls of illumination" and sitting or standing on a lotus - "The flower of enlightenment".

Kwan Yin travels on the tides of fortune appearing when and where she is needed most.

Note From A Happy Customer
Dear Maryanne,
On Monday I received my Kwan Yin necklace. Thanks for such quick service and for a very beautiful piece of jewelry. As usual the photos do not do it justice. It has such a soft and gentle feel about it. I just love it.
Thank You again.

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Multi agates. Kwan Yin one side, Chinese script on reverse
Hessonite garnets and brown freshwater pearls. Kwan Yin on one side, lotus on reverse
$ 160.00
"Contour & Pillar"
Sliding Cord. Either shape with cord.
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