Dragonfly Series

Pendant: Cast sterling silver dragonfly, 25mm wide and 30mm long, 430-450mm string of semi-precious stones
NB: Variation in stones may occur due to availability.

Dragonfly Symbolism

These beautiful, delicate, small but powerful iridescent creatures are fantastic flyers, darting like light; one moment within sight, yet always out of reach, they flit from water to foliage reflecting and refracting the magical and powerful rays of light.

They can twist and turn, hover, change directions, fly up, down and backwards making a spectacular display of colour and motion in the sunlight. They can fly up to speeds of 50kms per hour and with amazing eyesight can hunt their pray with ease, scooping it from the air.

On hatching they are known as ‘nymphs’ and can take up to 3 years for them to metamorphasise from an ugly infant into these beautiful adult creatures, taking form as a ‘testimony to beauty’.

From the realms of water to air they transform from emotion and passion to balance and control. This can shed light and beauty on our own lives and with maturity our own true colours come forth.

These old and adaptive creatures have been crafted in sterling silver to bring the wearer a new light into their lives.

Citrine + Moonstone
Amethyst +
Amethyst +
Peridot + Moonstone
Amethyst +
Labrodite +


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