Café and Atlantis Series

Pendant: 40mm sterling silver case, crystal disc, 450-470mm string of semi-precious stones, silky cord or PVC. SINGLE SIDED ONLY
Earrings: 25mm sterling silver case, crystal disc, available in all designs.
NB: Variation in stones may occur due to availability. The stone colour will always be tonal to the actual artwork of the piece.

The Café Series

Snapshots taken from the work of artist Annette Middleton evoke 1930s French café society, with its smokey bars and painted ladies.

Although a painter for more than 30 years, Annette has recently returned to the professional art world at the urging of colleagues and friends after a successful career in fashion.

Her "Café Society" paintings have generated considerable interest.

Annette lives and works in Melbourne and also has a studio at her property in Western Victoria, Australia.

Café Queen
Moonlight Lady
Aqua Baroque + Moonstone
Lush #2
Petersite or Jasper


The Atlantis Series

Emma Samin is a Melbourne based artist who has been exploring notions of art & music over the past decade.

Her meticulous rendering of repeat patterned
imagery draws influence from diverse cultural images, including Middle Eastern textiles/mosaics & Tibetan Mandalas.

Emma has not received any formal training in Art but has studied music at TAFE. She has been exhibiting consistently in galleries over the past six years.

Emma's "Whirligig" design has featured in Australian actor Kerry Armstrong's book "The Circles".

Pink Rhodonite + Cherry Quartz
Red Agate

Sea Bamboo

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