Butterfly Series

Pendant: Cast sterling silver double sided butterfly, 30mm wide and 25mm long
Semi-precious stone: 440-450mm
Silk neckband: 420-430mm, Colours: Black and brown
NB: Variation in stones may occur due to availability

Butterfly Symbolism
These colourful creatures, flutter here and there after emerging from their caterpillar state, dancing and hanging in colourful clusters from plants and branches.They are a symbol of change, joy, lightness and a powerful symbol for transformation.

As they leave the safety of the cocoon, in this new form, they emanate change and can be a reminder that change is inevitable, a joyous event, not to be feared.

The Butterfly has been portrayed by many cultures and religions through the ages, representing many ideals and forms. They are thought to be souls of the dead and keepers of power. There is said to be no negative energies present when there is the presence of a butterfly.

The adult butterfly lives but a few short days. Its transformation brings joyous new beginnings, spiritual transformation, re-birth into a new life and is an omen of beauty.

At weddings, jade butterflies are offered as gifts to symbolise and ensure lasting love and new beginnings.

These beautiful winged insects have been crafted in sterling silver to bring the wearer transformation and joy.

Black Agate + Turquoise
Yellow Jade + Garnet
Purple Jade + Peridot
Olive Jade + Peridot
Purple Jasper + Amethyst
Sea Bamboo + Amethyst
Citrine + Black Agate
Sodalite + Cherry Quartz
Brown Silk Neckband



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