Black Beauty Series
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Black Baroque Pearls
Contemporary finish with a sterling silver double sided S-clasp
Length: Approx. 42cm + clasp 2.5cm  Pearl size: 11-12mm
Choker: $350.00  Earrings: POA


“Pearls are Tears of the Moon”
- Hindu belief

Black Pearls

There is nothing that symbolises elegance and grace more than a pearl. Black, too, has long been seen as the epitome of style, chic and sophistication. Combine the two and one is presented with the power that is "Black Beauty" black pearls. Black pearls have long been seen as objects of unobtainable beauty and desire.   The presence of black pearls invokes a sense of glamorous, classical sophistication that represents times gone by.  

The Mags Moon range "Black Beauty" has taken these exotic tokens of the past and combines their timeless, classical, elegant feeling with a contemporary edge. Mags Moon's Black Beauty range presents high quality baroque black pearls that shimmer in hues of purples, greys and blacks, that are both daring and evocative by day and dazzling and provocative at night. The Black Beauty range epitomises the rewards of modern sophistication and style.

Black baroque pearls


Black Rice Pearls
Knotted with purple, grey and black to compliment the hues of the pearls
Length: Approx. 42-44cm + ties 12-15cm   Pearl size: 9-10mm
Choker: $220.00  Earrings: POA

Smooth                Ringed


Symbol of love, patience and devotion. The luminosity is the reflection of light on the gems layered surface producing a myriad of light and colour. With Black Pearls, the colour moves through hues of black, green, purple, blue and grey. The knotting of these is to reflect the colours. It is the only gem that grows from a grain of sand to an object of beauty.

Black rice pearls

Black Onyx
Single sided sterling silver etched S-clasp or cord
Length: Variable 46-70cm approx (can be worn at choker length with clasp or lengthened to wear with the ties)
Inc. clasp 46-47cm   Additional tie: (See Marble pic) 75cm
Choker: $180.00 with cord, $175 without cord   Earrings: POA

Maltese         Marguerite

Black Onyx

The beauty of Onyx is its strength, endurance and elegance. Onyx has been used to adorn and compliment "goddesses" for centuries and reached its height of popularity in the sophisticated, elegant '20s and '30s. Mags Moon is proud to present a stunning range of contemporary black onyx pieces for today's modern goddess.  

Mags Moon presents a range of unique carved and faceted onyx pieces that are complimented with the subtle hues of bronze keshi pearls and/or the unmistakable glamour of garnets. Each piece has been carefully constructed to show each gem to their best advantage while creating a contemporary piece that is unique, sophisticated and timeless. Just as onyx has endured the test of time Mags Moon hopes that you will cherish this "Black Beauty" for as long as it is yours to love.  

Black onyx, garnets & pearls
Melon                 Moon


Black onyx & garnets


Black onyx & pearls

Men's Black Agate
Length: Approx 55cm in length with a sterling silver ball and/or spacer + sterling silver magnetic clasp.
A. B. or C. $95.00

C. Black agate & spacers

Mags Moon has fused the innate simplicity of unpolished black agate with the intensity and boldness of sterling silver to create a stunning new series of contemporary men’s jewellery. These unique pieces of urbane art are sure to become the must have accessory for men of all ages, satisfying even the most discerning of tastes.

A. Black agate & single ball

B. Black agate, single ball & spacers

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